A guide to Koh Kood(Koh Kut)!

It’s safe to say I have ticked off many a place on my list in Thailand, having first stood on the tropical beaches here four years ago on a three-week holiday and now having lived here for the past seven months, I have covered good ground in The Land of Smiles. So now when I dream of an island getaway I’m looking for something more, more than your severely over trudged beaches and those places that EVERYONE has been to, but for locations that make me feel like I woke up surrounded by all things paradise.

Koh Kood or Koh Kut as it’s referred to as well is an absolutely perfect little paradise island just a short ferry ride from the town of Trat. Could it be my new favorite spot in Thailand? Well, it’s up there with my other favs being Ayutthaya, Hua Hin, and Chiang Mai. If you haven’t been to any of these yet, please move them to the very top of your list. As far as Thai islands go, with perfect white sand beaches lined with palm trees and glistening crystal blue waters, Koh Kood has got that idealism all covered. If your looking for a little piece of tropical heaven, then Koh Kood will be the answer to what you have been searching for. So let’s waste no time here as I want to give you all the guidance I can about how to get there, where to stay and where to wine and dine all on a weekend in Koh Kood!!

How to get to Koh Kood???

Most people will go to Trat in order to make their way to Koh Kood island, from what I can see and have heard there is not much else that would be taking you in the direction of Trat… it’s not the most exciting of spots! We choose to go with Koh Kood Princess, a fast speedboat ferry which took one and half hours from Trat ferry point called Laem Sok and was 350 baht one way or 600 baht return. Included in the price is a transfer to your resort and pick up also for your return. I have heard that some other speed boats run for 900 baht, if you are coming from Koh Chang island, however, I feel that’s slightly too expensive. Koh Kood Princess all the way!

Where to stay?

We were debating whether to go budget-friendly here or just have a complete fancy pants blowout accommodation-wise. Considering we are off to Cambodia this weekend(yay) and hostelling it up ( Mad Monkeys …watch out) we decided to stay at Chams House Resort and while this place is very expensive (going off my Thai wage) at 7000 baht for two nights for two of us it was worth every single hard-earned bath to stay in this secluded 5* resort. We got the room at the discounted price down from 17,000 baht for two nights(yep this is the price of a luxurious beach retreat these days) on Booking.com, so search online for deals, you never know what you might come across!. This resort is super luxurious and stylish with a rooftop cocoon infinity pool, dipping over an isolated beach. The villas here are enclosed by tall palm trees and accompanied by their very own turquoise pools. Unfortunately, it was a little out of our pocket to stay in a villa, but the staff let us into the lounge at the impressive family-style villa and have a dip in the massive private pool. There are two restaurants here, one with sea views and one with pool views,  though the resort restaurants are pricy, so we decided to eat elsewhere. If you stay here and don’t want to fork the cash out for meals, right next door is a little place doing tasty Thai food and fruit smoothies at half the price. Soz Cham.
We stayed in the Deluxe Ocean View room and had our breakfast included in the price, brekkie was buffet style and pretty top-notch food-wise. The room itself was immaculately clean and had killer balcony paranomic views. I loved the bathroom design with wooden doors that open out onto the bedroom so you can get fresh while looking out at the pristine views as you take a shower. All other facilities are included in the room like a safe, hairdryer, shampoo even toothbrushes, and a bottle of mossie spray. The free mossie spray was pretty valuable as due to its tropical garden setting there are creatures galore around the resort. We saw geckos, crabs, frogs, and worms, and there are even coconut snakes in the trees(flash lamps are provided in the rooms so you can try to spot them at night). This resort also provides free snorkeling and kayaking to its guests and a free trip to Khlong Chao waterfall, where the staff member that took us there even swang from the ropes attached to the trees into the freshwater and then went back to work at the hotel absolutely soaked…what a guy, no fecks given! We loved our stay at Chams and staying at this charming resort made our whole weekend really something special.


Wine and Dine???

Masala Hatt-

I had been craving a good Indian for ages so when I came across Masla Hatt and heard it was one of the top restaurants on the island I was there…after driving all around the island to find it first!  For those of you who fancy a meal with a kick( I promise you they will deliver) then this place is your go-to. Its located across from Tawan Eco bar. I sampled tikka masala and Jack had chicken curry, it was soooo good but so goddam hot even though we asked for them to be not spicy. This is an Indian restaurant in Thailand after all, what did we expect? The food is reasonably priced and the guys serving the food are super friendly.

Fisherman’s hut-

You know when you go somewhere and there is always the backpackers and whiteys “it” spot…….well this my friends is what Fishermans Hut is. Aside from cheap but tasty burgers, sandwiches and Thai food, and of course beer and wine this place is where the backpackers are at. This restaurant is also popular for its seafood dishes.  You know a place is good when practically the whole island is coming here. Located in Ban Khlong Chao just north of the concrete bridge. Ask anyone and they will be able to direct you here.

Jans Coffee-

So we stumbled along with this Lil gem by complete accident, we were actually trying to find the Indian restaurant and we pulled into Jans to ask for directions. Instead, we were invited in for a free barbeque and drinks because it was Jans’s birthday and her Grand opening. All the local foreign workers and locals themselves were here. They even had a French trio of backpackers playing music.  This was just one of those places you felt you were home away from home so cheers to everyone there for letting us hang out. Jan welcomes everyone with open arms, so don’t miss the opportunity to chill here.

The Seat-

I am so happy I came across this thai as a spot for a bucket. We were driving past just out exploring when a sign reading 100 baht buckets caught my eye. Needless to say, we cut the exploring short. These buckets are strong, the lady puts in 4 shots of Uncle Toms’s Vodka and classic Thai vodka and it seriously gets you off your nut. We were kind of legless just after one, so thank god for our scooter( which is a must in Koh Kood for getting round, rent one for 300 baht a day) not that I condole drink driving but it Thailand, there are no rules here!.

ViewPoint Café-

Are you a sucker for a sunset like me? Then this place was hands down an absolute beauty of a find. We came here to see the stunning sunset that certainly didn’t disappoint and have some happy hour Mojitos which run from 5 pm. Dick the Aussie owner was a hoot, just read his menu if you don’t believe me. Pretty witty to say the least.  We chilled here all evening looking out onto the water, such a cute spot….you will not want to miss the sun setting here.


So I will have to say Koh Kood is no Koh Phangan party-wise, it’s very much a chill-out island. However, the Baptist bar is the most happening spot. I have been told that the owner, a young Thai guy knows how to throw a party or two and organizes many theme nights to keep tourists and locals happy. Good music, good drinks, and a generally good atmosphere! Saturday night is when the party is happening!


As far as activities we only snorkeled and visited the waterfall and explored the island on a bike. However, if it’s diving you after there are tonnes of spots to dive here and lots of fishing trips. The Waterfall at Khlong Chao is so refreshing, especially after your dip in the cool freshwater or swing from ropes and plunge yourself into the 2.5 m deep water. It’s free and it’s beautiful …what’s not to love about that!

I am honestly sickened that I haven’t set foot on Koh Kood sooner, I really have been missing out on an island that’s simply magical. There is literally no words to describe how perfect this island really is, all I will say it you need to feel the magic of Koh Kood for yourself!!

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